26 januari 2012

Undergoing an operation.

Due to ondergoing an operation this blog will not be updated for atleast one week.

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LinuxGuy zei

I wish you a speedy recovery, ChessTiger!

Wahrheit zei

The first installment of the best of chess blogging Carnival is up! The Best Of! Chess Blogging, Part I: Openings

Chesstiger, I would really like some of your best in future Parts! Please comment or I will pick them myself. :)

ChessClues zei

ChessTiger, hope all is well.

Wahrheit zei

How are you Chesstiger, it's been more than a week...

Part II of the Best of Chess Blogging
is now posted.

Robert Pearson zei

How are you, ChessTiger?

The Best of Chess Blogging Part III: What a Wonderful World has been posted.

Have a look and please post a link!

chesstiger zei

Finnally I am healty enough to think about a new blog post. Wound almost fully healed.